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What is Misophonia? 
Misophonia (means hatred or strong dislike of sound, Jastreboffs 2001) is a physical malfunction of the central nervous system or the brain.  It is also called selective sound sensitivity (Johnson 1999).  It is thought to be an abnormal response of the limbic (emotional) and autonomous (unconscious function of the brain that controls many bodily functions) to sound in its Primary Phase..   Dr. Marsha Johnson, audiologist, named it Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome or 4S in 1999.
There are also types of misophonia that also have abnormal responses to visual sights.  The sounds or sights that cause the abnormal responses are called "Triggers".  There triggers can cause strong emotional or physical responses, which could include strong anger including rage, irritation, crying or screaming, tears, frustration, a strong desire to flee or strike out at the trigger origin, and other emotions or physical sensations such as nausea.    

"Misophonia appears to affect people all over the globe!  It can run in families as it appears to have a genetic connection, it often starts in children of ages 8 to 12 years old, and appears to persist during a lifetime."---Johnson 2010

What are the most common Triggers?

Gum chewing
Eating sounds
Lip smacking
Speaking sounds (s, p, k)
Breathing sounds
Chewing noises
Repetitive softer sounds like pen clicking, pencil tapping
Nasal noises, throat clearing
Sucking throught the teeth sounds
Sight of gum chewing or eating with the mouth open
Pet licking or nails clicking
High heels on hard floors
Dogs barking
Many others!

The Annual Misophonia Conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois in 2015.
We will most like pick a mid month weekend, to meet on Friday and Saturday 8:00 am to 5 pm.  The MA is hosting the event, there will be speakers and group sessions, experts and demonstrations of types of therapeutic approaches.  All welcome.  Please go to the Convention Page for more details..

You can purchase videos of the conferences as well.

Purpose of the Misophonia Association, est 2013

Dedicated as a non profit public benefit corporation to expand research through fundraising, provide information, advocate and support to those who have misophonia, and educate the public.   

The Misophonia Association has filmed the 2013 and 2014 Annual Conventions and plans to film each future Annual Convention and then package up the key presentations into a format for viewing at home or in medical clinics.  The format is a split screen with film of the speaker on one side and their power points on the other.  This provides the viewer with a natural experience, as if you were actually at the conference.  They are also useful for recalling and reviewing what was presented for those who did attend, or sharing with family, medical providers, or counselors.  If you are looking for cutting edge and insightful information about Misophonia, including treatment options from experts in the field, this video series is designed for you!

Please visit www.GoodluckProds.com 
for more information on this valuable video series and order a complete set or individual session as a digital download or email misophonia.association@gmail.com 
to order DVD(s)!  The 2014 convention will be ready in early 2015.

Coming Soon!  Membership in the Misophonia Association, receive member benefits, stay tuned for the next phase!

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